Love Where You
Live Work Play

Build the life you love in Rocklin. Discover how we have everything you need to love where you live, work, and play.

Love Where You Live

Everybody hates moving. When you plant your life in Rocklin, you'll never need to leave. With great schools, affordable homes, safe neighborhoods, a growing economy, and abundant parks, Rocklin has you covered at every stage of life.

  • $378,300 Avg. Home Price
  • 100 mi From Tahoe/SF/Napa
  • 17.8 Crime Rate per 1,000 Residents
  • 13th Best Young Family City
  • #1 Ranked School District
  • 30 Incredible Parks
  • 200 Acres Open Space

Love Where You Work

We all have to work. Why not work in a place that truly supports you? Rocklin boasts a business-friendly environment for companies large and small, and a highly-educated talent pool. Plus, abundant homes with affordable prices means you can live a commute-free lifestyle.

  • 42% Bachelor's Degree
  • 69% Homeowners
  • 4 Universities Within 50 mi
  • $125 Capped Business License Tax
  • Love Where You Play

    After a long week, we all need some time to relax and play. In Rocklin, everything you need is right in your own backyard. From sunrise to sunset, Rocklin provides a vibrant collection of outdoor amenities, restaurants and bars, and a nightlife with something for everyone.

  • 30 Amazing Parks
  • Annual Community Events
  • National Restaurants
  • Local Hot Spots
  • Youth Sports Options